No, the main action of our two ranges of anti-cellulite and slimming products is directly on lipid metabolism, which is why they are not recommended for use during pregnancy.

We do not have any products that are compatible with pregnancy. However, after your pregnancy we advise you to apply Slim Design Slimming &anti-stretch marks oil to help reduce stretch marks.
Yes, you can use Slim Design Slimming & anti-stretch marks oil to help prevent stretch marks. This bi-phase oil will offer you a double action: an anti-stretch marks action with its oily phase with Camelina oil but also an anti-cellulite action with its aqueous phase with Caffeine. Please note that it is not suitable for use during pregnancy.
Our Cellulite range contains products with a specific anti-cellulite target, which we recommend using if you do a bit of sport. The Slimming range, on the other hand, is indicated for those who are looking for an extra effect in addition to the anti-cellulite effect, for example, to fight against localised adiposis, loss of skin tone, loss of firmness associated with loose of weight.
Yes, it is compulsory. The massage object should be applied with the gel on wet skin, as this facilitates the application and the heat of the shower activates the microcirculation, which will make the massage much more effective. In addition, the Slimming Concentrated Gel is a product developed specifically for use in the shower, so it must be rinsed off.

Within our slimming offer we have two ranges:

1. The SLIM DESIGN slimming range consists of Slim Design, Slim Design Night which activates lipid metabolism during the night, Slim Design Redcutor Tensor for the stomach and arms, Slim Design Slimming, anti-cellulite and anti-stretch marks oil and Slim Design 45+ which offers a complementary action against skin flaccidity. This comprehensive range meets the various slimming needs of women with an anti-cellulite action.

2. The MY COACH! range is composed of an energising shower gel and an intensive anti-cellulite care and workout-boosting treatment for active women looking for a complement to maximise the results of their physical efforts, tone their body and above all eliminate stubborn cellulite.

Yes, it can. However, it is best used at night, as it is formulated to take advantage of the metabolic mechanisms that occur during sleep. In particular, with the active ingredient GP4G Booster, which prevents fat accumulation during the night.

No, the Bust Firming Serum is specially formulated for the neck, décolleté and breasts, if you want a cream for firming the thighs and legs, we advise you to use the Body Firming Cream to refine the whole body and as an anti-ageing body treatment.

Yes, you have several options: – Use different products for different areas of the body. For example, you can use Slim Design or SLim Design Night on the thighs and legs and Slim Design Tightening Reducer on the waist, hips and arms. – Apply twice a day, morning and evening. Although one application a day is sufficient, you can use one treatment in the morning (Slim Design for example) and another in the evening (Slim Design Night). – Some of our products can increase the effectiveness of your slimming or anti-cellulite treatment. We recommend that you massage the desired areas in the shower every day with the Slim Massage. You can also prepare the skin once a week with the Energising Scrub.

The efficacy results of Elancyl products are the conclusion of rigorous clinical studies conducted by dermatologists on female volunteers under normal conditions of product use. The results of efficacy tests are measured by instrumental means and are validated only if there is a statistically significant difference compared to the negative control.

Elancyl products can be stored for 12 months after opening.
You can find this information on the packaging of each product, thanks to the pictogram of an opened jar. The number on the inside is the number of months you can use the product after it has been opened.