Trova il tuo momento per curare te stessa

Find time to take care of yourself

The pleasure of having a bath, a pleasure for the body

Balancing, calming and relaxing for the body and mind. Bath time is a unique moment for taking care of yourself. The pores of your skin dilate at a temperature of between 36 ºC and 38 °C and humidity, In a comfortable position with your neck on the headrest, immerse yourself in the pleasure of your bath. These are the ideal conditions in which to pamper yourself, have a massage and put on your Elancyl cream.

Focus on the present, right now.

The atmosphere is an integral part of the ritual. The bathroom has become an essential room in our lives in recent decades, and they are now designed as a personal, welcoming area decorated with plants. Think about all the details and create a special moment: soft music, dim lighting, lit candles and foamy. scented body gel.